Short Stories

Each one of my short stories delves into a historic personage and how they might (or might not) confront their demons.

  • “X Marks the Spot” (featured in the Paper Lantern Writers Anthology BENEATH A MIDWINTER MOON), is set on New Years Eve in 1918 as a vaudeville knife thrower’s target-girl wife realizes she must take the ultimate risk to protect her unborn baby.
  • “Trust No One” (featured in the Paper Lantern Writers Anthology UNLOCKED), is set in World War II Washington, where a baby shower is overshadowed by espionage, ambition, and betrayal.
  • “Mr. Borden does not quite remem—” is a ghost sory set in Lizzie Borden’s haunted home in Fall River, MA. “Mr. Borden” is available online thanks to Kings River Life and is also available via Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast.
  • “Kate Chopin Tussles with a Novel Ending” explores the themes of fault, blame, and guilt (or lack of it) as they intersect with renowned Louisiana author Kate Chopin and her 1899 landmark novel The Awakening. “Kate Chopin” is available in FAULT LINES: STORIES BY NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CRIME WRITERS.For a sensual montage of Kate Chopin images, follow my “Kate Chopin Tussles with a Novel Ending” Pinterest page.
  • “Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents” made her debut in ME TOO SHORT STORIES: AN ANTHOLOGY (Level Best Books, September 3, 2019). This short story is inspired by the ME TOO revelations of early 20th century beauty Evelyn Nesbit and present day actresses Ashley Judd, Lupita Nyong’o, and Reese Witherspoon.“Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents” graciously invites you to enjoy her Pinterest page.

More short stories to come! I also plan to post links to other historical short stories from my blog & Facebook page.