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Thirteen Book Design Cover Contests!

on May 14, 2021

Think you’ve got a great book cover? How about finding out for sure? Today on Paper Lantern Writers! Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

*****BOOK PROMO TIME!*****

on May 1, 2021

Join the SHINE with Paper Lantern Writers FB group to participate (as an author or a reader!) in our FIRST GIVEAWAY on Wednesday May 12th! We’ve already got eighteen authors ready to share their books! You must be a member of SHINE to participate! BIG GIVEAWAY – Wednesday May 12th!

It’s time to SHINE with Paper Lantern Writers

on April 24, 2021

As a founding member of the Paper Lantern Writers Historical Fiction Author Collective (whew! what a long title!) I’m excited to invite you to join SHINE, our new Facebook Group. SHINE is for readers and writers, editors and researchers, and anyone else who loves to talk about books, especially our favorite historical fiction. Here’s the… Read More

Fifty Fabulous Online Library Historical Collections

on April 9, 2021

In which I share FIFTY FABULOUS links where you can explore just about any time and place in history! Something for everyone on Paper Lantern Writers! Fifty Fabulous Online Library Historical Collections

And sometimes…what’s hidden stays hidden

on February 16, 2021

It’s “hidden history” month over at the Paper Lantern Writers blog, but instead of writing about some hidden history that I’ve uncovered, I wrote about something historic that I’ve kept hidden. And sometimes…what’s hidden stays hidden on Paper Lantern Writers.     Turntable Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash.

Hidden History: Mentioning your Unmentionables

on February 12, 2021

You might think you know about historical under garments, but do you really? Do you know the difference between stays and corsets, or how to support a bustle, or what a bum roll is? No shame if you don’t; I had no idea what a bum roll was, and now it’s one of my favorite phrases!… Read More