Promotions & Freebees

Thanks for downloading Fanny Newcomb & The Irish Channel Ripper!

on February 1, 2024

It looks like over 200 historical fiction lovers downloaded Fanny Newcomb & The Irish Channel Ripper for free last month via Bookfunnel. I hope you enjoy Fanny, Sylvia, & Olive’s story and consider leaving a review on my Amazon, Bookbub, or Goodreads page (and please include “I received a complimentary copy”). Your review will help… Read More


on January 29, 2024

January’s Bookfunnel historical fiction book giveaway ends on January 31st, which means my award-winning novel FANNY NEWCOMB & THE IRISH CHANNEL RIPPER goes back on sale. So you’ve got two more days to download FANNY NEWCOMB and other great historical fiction on Bookfunnel FOR FREE!


on January 15, 2024

In addition to a free FANNY NEWCOMB this month on Bookfunnel, my short story “Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents” is also available for download. What’s the story about? In 1914, Evelyn Nesbit is a celebrated beauty who, as a teenager, was raped and ruined by a famous architect. Her mentally unstable and physically abusive millionaire husband… Read More


on January 2, 2024

Don’t worry, Fanny’s not in jail….but my award-winning novel FANNY NEWCOMB & THE IRISH CHANNEL RIPPER is free this month, through a wonderful Bookfunnel historical fiction book giveaway hosted by the Paper Lantern Writers. This link will take you to the giveaway, where there are plenty other great historicals for all of us to read… Read More

on December 5, 2023

I’m so pleased to share that the Paper Lantern Writers are hosting a historical fiction ebook giveaway this month! We’ll be sending a lucky winner NINE of our 2023 new releases. From Family Sagas to Romance to Mystery (that’d be me) to Adventure to Women’s fiction and finally, our latest short story anthology, there’s something… Read More

See you tomorrow and Sunday…

on May 6, 2022

…at the Bay Area Book Festival at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California! Stop by the Paper Lantern Writers booth to chat about reading, writing, and loving Historical Fiction. We’ll have lots of books to sell and sign. Plus some other fun giveaways!  

Getting Ready to…GO PUBLIC!

on April 15, 2022

Join me and other Paper Lantern Writers on May 7 and 8 at the Bay Area Book Festival at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California. This will be our FIRST TIME together as a group, and we’re SO EXCITED! We’ll be signing & selling our books throughout the event (natch!). Hope to see you there!

Promotion and the Single Author

on January 19, 2022

No author anywhere, anytime, with any novel, short story, comic book, or anything they ever wrote ever said, “I can’t wait to promote this!” So says me. I’ve got a new Paper Lantern Writers blog up today. Stop by to read more about Promotion Loves Company. And yes! A photo of the The Women, because… Read More