Hidden History: Time Team and Beyond!

on April 23, 2024

Perhaps the very best thing about hidden history is that it’s being revealed all the time! In today’s PLW blog, I’m sharing both an old hidden history favorite and some of the latest reveals. Ancient Pompeian frescos, anyone?

You had me until “her wedding gown on fire”

on December 28, 2023

One of the things to remember, as you use historical newspapers to research your historical novel or short story, is that “You can’t always believe what you read.” I found this article in the (Thursday September 25) 1919 New York Times and was immediately intrigued. How often do you read of a person being killed… Read More

Death By Dancing…what a way to go!

on December 15, 2023

Research is definitely of the joys of writing historical mysteries. I love it! My work-in-progress is a sequel to THE RED-HOT BLUES CHANTEUSE and takes place in one of my favorite cities in the world…New Orleans. Since starting THE MAGNOLIA VOODOO BRAWLERS (working title) I’ve been on the hunt for unsavory snippets about any French… Read More

Thirty-Eight Illuminating PLW Link Lists

on December 8, 2023

‘Tis the Link List before Christmas and today–on the Paper Lantern Writers blog–I’ve lined up the links of all thirty-eight of the previous PLW Link Lists. There are goodies galore in this list, but who can choose between such bright blogs as Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections, Fashions for the Ages, Gay Subculture of Regency… Read More

RED-HOT Neptune Beach ~ the Coney Island of the West

on November 30, 2023

In my recent release THE RED-HOT BLUES CHANTEUSE, I wrote a few delicious chapters set at Alameda, California’s late, great Neptune Beach amusement park. Here’s a little more Neptune Beach history, in a post that was initially published in Linda Bennett Pennell‘s HISTORY IMAGINED. . . . Imagine that it’s April 1919 and you’re a… Read More

Beneath a Midwinter Moon short story anthology coming soon!

on October 16, 2023

As much as I love reading and writing novels, I also love reading and writing a good short story. My latest short story X Marks the Spot comes out in two weeks, in the Paper Lantern Writers Beneath a Midwinter Moon anthology. The whole anthology is a jewel, but I’m really partial to my story,… Read More

That’s Entertainment–A PLW Link List

on October 13, 2023

Celebrate Friday the 13th with my new Paper Lantern Writers List List—THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! From puppetry to sports competitions to parades to live theater, we all have our favorite entertainments. In this post I capture some of the historic entertainments that made people laugh, cry, sigh, and sweat through the years. Did your favorite entertainment make… Read More

What happened after “Lizzie Borden took an axe”?

on October 8, 2023

Even if you’ve never heard the famous rhyme about Lizzie Borden, I’m sure you’ve heard about her.                                                                              Lizzie Borden, c. 1890 In August 1892, Lizzie’s father and stepmother were brutally murdered in their house in Fall River, Massachusetts. The size and shape of the bloody chop marks on the bodies suggested that a… Read More

Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections

on June 9, 2023

Happy June 9th, International Archives Day! In the spirit of Fifty Fabulous Online Library Historical Collections, Sixty Sensational Online Historical Archive Collections, and 74 Superlative Online Historical College Collections, I’m celebrating the holiday by sharing Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections over on the Paper Lantern Writers blog. Enjoy! Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections