In addition to a free FANNY NEWCOMB this month on Bookfunnel, my short story “Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents” is also available for download.

What’s the story about?

In 1914, Evelyn Nesbit is a celebrated beauty who, as a teenager, was raped and ruined by a famous architect. Her mentally unstable and physically abusive millionaire husband has recently discarded both Evelyn and her young son. All of this is true.

The short story starts as Evelyn meets in New York City with silent film producer H. H. Samson, who has written a script based on Evelyn’s painful past entitled “Her Eternal Shame”. Evelyn—who is forced to audition to portray herself in the film—has very strong, very conflicting ideas about how to tell the story of her own life.

And she’s not afraid to tell H. H. exactly how she feels.

Check it out my dears, because what could be sweeter than revenge?

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