Kate Chopin Tussles with a Novel Ending – Now Available!

on March 25, 2019

I’m very pleased to announce that my historic short story “Kate Chopin Tussles with a Novel Ending” has been published in Fault Lines: Stories by Northern California Crime Writers. This stunning anthology includes “19 short stories that explore crime, guilt, and justice in our earthquake-prone region and beyond.” My “Kate Chopin Tussles with a Novel… Read More

Killer Ideas for an 1889 New Orleans Christmas Story

on December 16, 2018

Ever wanted to write a short story about New Orleans mischief and mayhem circa 1889 Christmas? Here are a few killer ideas to get your story started! HINT…these ideas might be used for any locale in any era.

A haunting, historic ghost story just in time for Halloween!

on October 25, 2018

Ever wondered what happened to the Borden family after “Lizzie Borden took an axe”? Wonder no more! My historic ghost story “Mr. Borden does not quite remem—” is available today (for free!) in Kings River Life Magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Because I like ghosts. And… Read More

“Writer’s Inspiration” – how it happens

on October 5, 2018

A working writer of any kind (technical, marketing, short story, historian, etc.) can’t “wait for inspiration to strike”. Nope, if you’re a working writer, you’ve got to choose your story, sit your butt down in a chair, open up the computer, and get to work. For all of that hard work, your first draft will… Read More

New–and very short–contest!

on August 1, 2018

I’m a guest blogger on Suzanne Adair’s Relevant History blog this week. Enjoy my Sanborn Fire Insurance Map post and enter my contest to win a 13 oz. can of New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde’s French Roast Coffee and a Kindle ebook copy of Fanny Newcomb and the Irish Channel Ripper. To enter, just comment… Read More

The starts and stops of writing a historical mystery

on July 30, 2018

Since Fanny Newcomb is set in Gilded Age New Orleans, I want to start with a short word association game. When I say “New Orleans”, I’m guessing that you’ll say “Mardi Gras parades! Streetcars! Beignets! Hurricanes! The French Quarter! Jazz!” And when I say “Gilded Age New Orleans”, I’m guessing that you’ll ask “What’s the… Read More

Gilded Age New Orleans: So much more than hookers, hurricanes, and Mardi Gras!

on July 28, 2018

Although late 19th century New Orleans was renowned for the hookers of Storyville, the devastating hurricanes of the 1880s, and the elevation of Mardi Gras to a state holiday, there’s so much more to know about the Crescent City during this time! For starters, there was an assassination that was followed by lynchings (1890), an… Read More

Double your chances!

on February 6, 2018

If you’d really like to win an autographed copy of Fanny Newcomb and the Irish Channel Ripper…head over to Amy Bruno’s Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour. The Giveaway ends around March 19. AND…check out my book tour schedule. Fun for all!

Additional ideas for Writing a Killer First Chapter…

on January 27, 2018

On January 28 I’ll be sharing ideas on “Writing a Killer First Chapter” with the Redwood Writers (a Branch of the California Writers Club) in Santa Rosa. Here are some links with more info…. For novels: • 10 Things Your Opening Chapter Should Do: A Check-List for Self-Editing • Finding the Perfect Place to Start… Read More

Fanny Newcomb Kindle sale!

on December 9, 2017

For two days only (Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10), Fanny Newcomb & the Irish Channel Ripper for Kindle is on sale for 99 cents! ALSO this weekend….all SAND HILL REVIEW PRESS Kindle editions  are available for 99 cents!