1919 Lingerie, Anyone?

on November 2, 2021

Not for nothing (another way of saying “My Work-in-Progress takes place in 1919 San Francisco”, I’ve done a lot of research about WWI-ish American women’s lingerie.

To keep my research together, I’m collecting together some of these newspaper advertisements today.

First, I like to know how much everything costs. Don’t you?


And then, I like to know the fabric my heroine is wearing under her clothes. I can tell you right now that in this story, my heroine’s skin is being caressed by that silky, sexy, and definitely superior, Crepe de Chine.

And I like to make sure that my heroine has some variety. Because she’s not going to be in her step-ins all day.





What was that ghost thinking?

on October 28, 2021

That’s what I wanted to know when I wrote my ghost story Mr. Borden Does Not Quite Remem…

Mr. Borden, of course, being the father of Lizzie.

Just in time for Halloween weekend, here’s Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast rendition of my story.


Coroner vs. Medical Examiner

on October 26, 2021

Coroner or Medical Examiner, do you know which “death professional” your city has?

It’s a big thing, when you’re writing crime fiction, to make sure that you have the facts straight: does your story setting have a Coroner or a Medical Examiner? Because they do different things, these guys.

It’s also important to know when you’re writing historical crime fiction. So for my 1919 WIP, I went to the April 12, 1919 San Francisco Examiner for the straight scoop.

And here you are: In 1919, the City of San Francisco had a Coroner (Dr. T. B. W. Leland), and when Dr. Leland joined the U.S. Navy during WWI, Dr. John Gallagher took over the job.

You’re welcome.

But more importantly, now I will know where I “archived” this specific piece of information.

HNS Conference, Here. I. Come!

on June 21, 2021

The Historical Novel Society North American Conference is this week and not surprisingly, it’s online.

I’m excited to be on TWO panels, and here’s a link to the teaser for the first, Setting the Scene: Exploring Historical Settings through Genres.

And here’s the teaser for the second panel, Author Marketing Collectives.

If you’re at the conference this week, please come on by…Friday June 25 at 12:45pm PT for Setting the Scene; Sunday June 27 at 12:45pm PT for Author Marketing Collectives.

If the cover of your already-published novel fails you, should you change it?

on June 20, 2021

Join me on Paper Lantern Writers for my latest blog post New Cover, Same Old Fanny. Not surprisingly, it’s about how I changed the cover of my novel FANNY NEWCOMB & THE IRISH CHANNEL RIPPER.

But just because we’re all pretty busy these days, I’ll cut to the happy ending (and answer the title question above) here:

“So, if you’re an author and your existing cover or covers aren’t making you happy,

aren’t making you feel proud,

don’t make you go yummmmm,

make you feel like a failure, and

don’t compliment the other covers in your genre,

it’s probably time to redo your cover.

It’s worth the time, it’s worth the money, it’s worth the rethinking of how you want your novel to be known.”


If you do have time, come on over!