My Five Favorite PLW Q&A Posts

on September 5, 2023

Want to know which of the Paper Lantern Writers Q&As are my favorites? OF COURSE YOU DO, and it’s all here.  


on August 24, 2023

It’s been a long time coming, but my latest historical mystery THE RED-HOT BLUES CHANTEUSE is set up for an October 17th release. But first, let’s see that cover, designed by Dee Marley at White Rabbit Arts. And now, a little more about RED-HOT: While performing in vaudeville in 1919 San Francisco, ambitious blues chanteuse… Read More

Fifty States of Historical Fiction

on August 11, 2023

Totally inspired by Erin Davies‘ decision to launch a “fictional journey of novels from around the world”, I created a Link List of fifty novels set in each of the united states. I spread my net wide and caught some great books, including some oldies-but-goodies, sparkling indies, and literary prize-winners. Got any other state-based novels… Read More

Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections

on June 9, 2023

Happy June 9th, International Archives Day! In the spirit of Fifty Fabulous Online Library Historical Collections, Sixty Sensational Online Historical Archive Collections, and 74 Superlative Online Historical College Collections, I’m celebrating the holiday by sharing Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections over on the Paper Lantern Writers blog. Enjoy! Eighty Excellent Online Historical Collections

My Favorite Quotes about Writing

on May 30, 2023

Today on the Paper Lantern Writers blog I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes about writing, starting with this treasure from botanist George Washington Carver: “Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.”  Want more writing wisdom? Check out Goal-Conflict-Disaster. Reaction-Dilemma-Decision. Repeat-Repeat-Repeat

It’s Mardi Gras History, Baby!

on February 21, 2023

In honor of today’s Mardi Gras celebration, I’m sharing the history of Mardi Gras on the Paper Lantern Writers blog. Enjoy!  

The Wreath is UP!

on November 29, 2022

And looking good, thanks to a small band of mid-century, Made in Japan elves!                                            

Buh-bye Twitter

on November 7, 2022

At some moment in my almost thirty-year career in high tech, I came up with a list of reasons “why I would ever quit this job”. The list is short: I’ll quit if my manager starts micro-managing me. I’ll quit if my manager starts jerking me around. And even though I’m not employed by Twitter,… Read More

Release Day for PLW’s UNLOCKED

on November 1, 2022

Whoo-Hoo! It’s Release Day! I’m so thrilled to share that UNLOCKED, the Paper Lantern Writer’s anthology of historical fiction short stories, releases TODAY! And I hope that you enjoy my World War II story Trust No One. Available on kindle & paperback!* Who knows what treasures will be found when this ancient trunk is finally… Read More