Buh-bye Twitter

At some moment in my almost thirty-year career in high tech, I came up with a list of reasons “why I would ever quit this job”.

The list is short:

  • I’ll quit if my manager starts micro-managing me.
  • I’ll quit if my manager starts jerking me around.

And even though I’m not employed by Twitter, I do provide content there. And although my humble profile (1690 Tweets; 284-and-falling followers) produces teeny, teeny, teeny sparkles in the Twitter-verse, I cannot remain on a platform where the owner of the company–the manager–so clearly relishes creating chaos.

Life is way too short to partner with someone who enjoys jerking you around.

So I’m closing my Twitter account, and might focus more on Instagram. Or my newsletter. Or Facebook. Or YouTube. Or some other friendly, stable, respectful platform for readers and writers to share their love of historical fiction.

If you know of such a platform, let me know.

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Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

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